Cultures Maison has been opening it's doors to you annually, since 2009. After a first winter-edition, we decided to swap the icy streets for the tropical warmth of September. The festival has always been evolving, driven bij the discovery of the innovative universe of comics.


Thanks to the support of participants and partners, editors and authors, volunteers and an enthusiastic audience, the festival developed the character of a not-to-miss meeting with contemporary publications.


We, the Cultures Maison team, are constantly keeping our eyes peeled for new projects, we question ourselves regarding the content of the programme and the work methods of the organisation, the composition of the hot-dogs and the coolness of our beer.


Our involvement is a stimulating and enriching force, but at the same time it requires a lot of time and energy.


We've decided to take a break for this edition. It'll give us the time to open up to new ideas and regenerate, so that we can resume our activities in full force, to continue with this festival that we've seen grow, thanks to you.

So, no Cultures Maison for 2017, but we'll be back, packing our surprises for the fantastic 2018 edition !