Ainsi dire

Florian Huet, Eric Lambé and Christophe Pootare authors closely related to Cultures Maison, though they are also reunited in their affinity for Bibliotheca Wittockiana.
For these men, comics are a medium to be explored, whose codes can be deciphered, questioned and changed. They are also the stage for readers to act in.
Books to them are a distinct form of art, and they incorporate that concept in their narrative lines and procedures.

The authors

Eric Lambé (Aarlen, 1966) graduated at ESA St-Luc Brussels, where he is actually a teacher. He's one of the frontmen of contemporary comics ans won the prestigious Fauve d’Or at the Angoulême comics festival in 2017 for his collaboration with Philippe de Pierpont, « Paysage après la Bataille ». This exhibition presents an alternate lecture of his short story ‘Le Fils du Roi’, inviting the visitors to construct their own narrative.

Christophe Poot (Brussels, 1971) graduated at ESA St-Luc Brussels, and he co-founded the editing house 'la Cinquième Couche'.
In 2013 he starts his own artisanal editions,
« Nu-Tête ». In this exhibition, he reveals some of Lise Waterstone's secrets, she's the main character of his former 3 books, «Graham Schalken, l'Inconsolé», «Magnolia Stellata» and «Lacunes».

Florian Huet (Rennes, 1989) comic author, graduated at l'Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l'Image d'Angoulême, founder of 'éditions Polystyrène' and his very own editing house « La Poinçonneuse » in 2012.His work reveals that was remains hidden to the reader, and drawn attention where it would least go.

« Ainsi dire «  is an exhibition by Cultures Maison VZW at Bibliotheca Wittockiana, with the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.