Derf Backderf
Frank Santoro
Jordan Crane
Ron Rege Jr.
Alec Longstreth

Indie Americans

'Indie Americans' exhibits the work of 17 illustrious artists from the American smallpress scene. With: Derf Backderf, Ron Rege Jr, Charles Forsman, Frank Santoro and Leela Corman. An exposition with original plates, fanzines, lectures and their translations to french by Ça et Là (Fr) and L’employé du Moi (B) 

Apart from the general overview, each author will be presented with his/her own biography. Discover old and new original drawings, rare publications and a selection from their inspirations. We also add a library where you can read your way through some out-of-stock publications and rare zines. On screen: interview with the authors!

Authors : Derf Backderf (Ohio), Gregory Benton (New York), Joshua Cotter (NW Missouri), Jordan Crane (Massachusetts), Ken Dahl (Maine), Chuck Forsman (Maine), Joseph Lambert (Vermont), Alec Longstreth (Oakland), Melissa Mendes (Massachusetts), John Porcellino (Wisconsin), Liz Prince (Massachusetts), Dash Shaw (New York), Ron Regé, Jr (Los Angeles), Frank Santoro (Pittsburgh), Noah Van Sciver (Colorado), Leela Corman (Massachusets) en Sophie Yanow ( Vermont).

Indie americans - website

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Rebecca Rosen

"Flem" is Rebecca Rosen's newest release, edited by Conundrum. We offer a sneak peek at her original plates in avant-première at Cultures Maison #8.

Rebecca's originally from Québecq, though she lives and works in Brussels nowadays.Adept at illustration, comics, typography and graphic design, she like to differentiate the supports for her work; poster art, fanzines, books, ...Together with Quentin Pillot she runs the silkscreen studio l'Appât, and collaborates with the legendary collective Le Dernier Cri


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Nausicaa Gournay - Ciao les Nazes !

Ciao les nazes ! tells the story of a young comic author, lost in inspiration, who starts to play with the codes to which the medium of comics is subject. This research develops into a fantastic journey, interrupted by scenes from a tv-programme which provides 'live' commentaries on the story. The two narratives entwine and invite the readers to analyse the psyche of the author.

Ciao les nazes ! is a humorous comic, which speaks of disappointment, ambition, inspiration and tenderness

Nausicca Gournay studies at l'ESA Saint-Luc, the works presented were part of her project for Master 1.

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LL de Mars - Hapax

Hapax is presented in a conceptual exposition. Five plates from the book have been selected, they are given a new form and content in exhibiting them in a unique way.
The museal context redefines them to the advantage of the visitors: they have to decide what meaning to attribute to these images,the information given by LL de mars influences the reading process. Wether it's plagiarism, inspiration, creation, the lines that form the design are woven into a new texture.

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Ronan Chabrat

Ronan Chabrat presents an installation, consisting of 12 panels of 4,3m by 2,3m. Spectators are invited to play with the reading sequence.
The comic's titled "Leo & Leon". Leo is a happy little boy, Leon is his dog. Their tranquil lives are perturbed when Leo is abducted by a mysterious entity, and Leo's father sets out on a quest to find him.

Stylewise, this comic produces a lot of elements from classic series, such as Calvin & Hobbes, Boule & Bill and science-fiction, such as Flash Gordon, mixing form and code into a suggestion for a new reading method.

Ronan Chabrat studies at l'ESA Saint-Luc, this is his project for the Master 1.


21/09 >>> 30/09