21/09 - 19H - Round table with the editors of the exhibition Indie Americans

As part of the exposition 'Indie Americans', we welcome Serge Ewenczyk and Max de Radiguès, publishers at Çà et Là and L'employé du moi, exchanging their experience as editors of the North-Americans artists presnet in the exhibition. June Julien Misserey,( l'Association Chifoumi ) will be joining them in this panel.

22/09 - 13h - L'alternative à l'alternative

June Julien Misserey, (Association Chifoumi) presents his vision on alternative comics from the US, where DIY-publications and an evolution towardsa new way of publishing are his main focal point.  

22/09 - 15h - Meeting: L.L. de Mars (auteur) & Alexandre Balcaen (editor)

In French

A meeting with the author of Hapax
(L.L. de Mars, éd. The Hoochie Coochie, 2013), interrogating the working method and overall philosophy behind the creative process, and the reflections on editing in general.
What is the motor for motivation, how does the interaction with the readers work, how does he treat (in)accessibility? History, aesthetics, technique and skill, all these factors play roles in the conception of the project. Which choises present themselves and how do they reflect the intrinsic value of the drawing process, the use of language and quotations, the insertion into the original plate and finally, into a book?







Les Vaporellas play Bubble Punk (according to their favorite expression): "A mix between The Ramones and Lady Gaga" summons it up quite well. Though serious, the humor in their rock-pop both sparkles and stings. The heat of the live performanceis guaranteed to penetrate to your deepest fibers and makes for of an unbridled evening of enjoyment.


23/09 - 14u - Presentation ELI vzw, l'atelier du Toner & Crack ! festival

14u: Conference in FRENCH: L’Atelier du TONER & VZW ELI - 30min
The world of Brussels-based selfpublishing is about to welcome a new actor: l'Atelier du TONER! A cooperative workspace and an assembly of collectives that created a new niche where experience and equipment can be shared for the good of all.  All the necessary to design, print and bind books, it re-establishes the production line for editorial creation. Riso, laser, bloc printing, stapled or bound backs, the diversity of solutions is there for all, to be used in an accessible and autonomous way.
In order to celebrate this opening, they've invited their colleagues from Crack ! Fumetti festival : Valério en Bambi, in residence from the 24th to the 29th of September. Editors at Forte Pressa, they share the impulse of uniting the power of small festivals and editing houses, as to create a network, which will include TONER. Valério en Bambi will also present the artwork from their catalog.
L’Atelier du TONER : Chaussée de Wavre 150, Brussels, can be found in the workspace of ELI vzw, the place to present, discuss and develop projects with kindred spirits!

14u 30: Conference in Italian, translated to French : Valério Bindi, founder of Crack! Festival "Aisthesis et auto-édition underground " - 1h


The term Aisthesis concerns the sensitive plot of experience in which pieces of art are produced. It has nothing to do with form, with beauty, but with material conditions and perception. It constitutes a regime that can take in its interior any form, even the furthest from the art, or those related with the beauty criteria. The « Pop Underground » originates, from the visual point of view, from the paintings on the freak caravans that roamed America, the sideshow, and then on the hotrods, those cars, often stolen, modified to make them dart into more or less regular races. The underground imaginary develops in connection with these two elements that will characterize it from then on: the spectacle of deformity, the human oddities, and the nomadic essence, irregular bodies and more or less voluntarily modified and inexpugnable. 

This decisive inability to normal life, to work, to the time of production is now the basis of hundreds of fanzines with blinding colors and distorted signs that nomadically populate the submerged and underground world. 

A vision of the active and lateral present that appears from every corner of the planet, which abandons the project to flow in the autonomous production process. 

A path that disables the dynamics of doing to free Aisthesis, contemplation, and generate dimensions of Art and Politics.



Diane Obomsawin, aka Obom, has been developing since the 1980s a sleek style of drawing mixed with a dreamlike sensibility. But don't let the poetic veil fool you. Her work is of a great depth, digging into autobiography, into relationships, into humanity itself, offering us her inner need for freedom and respect.
Born in Montreal in 1959, Diane started in France as a graphic designer but her return to the country in 1983 led her to illustration, comics and finally animation in 1992. She is best known for her biography of Kaspar Hauser and his splendid "J'aime les filles / On loving women" (L'Oie de Cravan - 2007 & 2014), screened respectively in 2012 and 2016. We thank the National Film Board of Canada for helping us set up this retrospective.
Sunday 23/09 @ 19h