23/09 - 18u30 - MOVIE SCREENING: OBOM

Diane Obomsawin, aka Obom, has been developing since the 1980s a sleek style of drawing mixed with a dreamlike sensibility. But don't let the poetic veil fool you. Her work is of a great depth, digging into autobiography, into relationships, into humanity itself, offering us her inner need for freedom and respect.
Born in Montreal in 1959, Diane started in France as a graphic designer but her return to the country in 1983 led her to illustration, comics and finally animation in 1992. She is best known for her biography of Kaspar Hauser and his splendid "J'aime les filles / On loving women" (L'Oie de Cravan - 2007 & 2014), screened respectively in 2012 and 2016. We thank the National Film Board of Canada for helping us set up this retrospective.
Sunday 23/09 @ 18h30


Les Vaporellas make Bubble Punk (according to their favorite expression): "A mix between The Ramones and Lady Gaga" summons it up quite well. Though serious, the humor in their rock-pop both sparkles and stings. The heat of the live performanceis guaranteed to penetrate to your deepest fibers and makes for of an unbridled evening of enjoyment.